Our Fleet

Our fleet is engineered for safety and efficiency. Hahn Air Lines owns and operates an exclusive business jet fleet. All aircraft were purchased directly from their manufacturer, Textron Aviation. The interiors and amenities were designed and tailored exclusively for Hahn Air Lines.


The Cessna Citation Latitude is the largest and leading jet in our fleet. A popular midsize jet, the Citation Latitude’s spacious cabin can accommodate up to eight passengers. With its spacious standing cabin and large leather seats, the aircraft has a reputation for comfort. The Latitude also offers ample baggage space. Skiing, golfing or other sporting equipment comfortably fits in the large hold alongside regular baggage.

The Cessna Citation Latitude can fly nonstop for up to 6 hours, cruising at 446 kts with a range of 2,700 NM. It is ideal for flights within Continental Europe as well as for flights to Eastern Europe and Asia.